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Fingerless Mitts, and Learning to Knit Forwards

These were made from the Nalu Mitts pattern by Leila Raabe on Ravelry.


For some reason, my grandma is very impressed by my knitting. This is weird, because normally she’s the kind of person who would only be impressed by money-making ventures or a career in finance. I take this as an excuse to knit at the table when she comes over for Sunday dinner, instead of getting up immediately after the meal and washing all the dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

Puppy Linux Saves the Day

I destroyed the master boot record this morning. This basically turns your computer into a rock. I’m honestly not sure how I managed to do this. I was trying to install Fedora 17 onto one of my many Linux partitions (I currently have 6 of them in addition to Windows – long story). Anyway, when Fedora asked me if I wanted to install a boot loader, I unchecked that option. I didn’t have Slackware install a boot loader, and that didn’t hurt anything. I just booted up (normally) into another system, ran sudo update-grub in the Ubuntu terminal, and it found Slackware and added it to the list of operating systems, no problem. However, Fedora must have done something different, because when I booted up my computer after the install it only showed a black screen with white letters on it: “ErrorĀ  No active partition.” Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Bread

Anise kuchen with orange & lemon peel, mace, and nutmeg

This bread makes the whole house smell wonderful. Being a yeast bread, it takes pretty much the whole day to prepare, which is why I usually only make it on Christmas Eve. We eat it on Christmas morning, toasted with butter.

Anise Kuchen Read the rest of this entry »